Un nouveau taxon de la famille des Apocynaceae pour La Réunion : Leptadenia cf. madagascariensis Decne (Gentianales : Apocynaceae)

Stéphane AUGROS, Dominique HOAREAU


First report of Leptadenia madagascariensis Decne to La Réunion Island. The species is already known from other localities in the Southwest Indian Ocean area (at least Madagascar, the Comoro archipelago and Juan de Nova), where it is assumed native. The species name madagascariensis seems confused and might be considered as the African synonym of L. reticulata (Retz.) Wight & Arn., a species mostly cited from subtropical Asia. Finally, we propose to include the species under the name L. cf. madagascariensis in the Flora Index of Reunion Island as a cryptogenic species. In the meantime, we call for more in-depth studies to assess the true origin and ecological significance of the species

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